Liedduo Fleur & Simon

Soprano Fleur Strijbos and pianist Simon De Paepe are both passionate about Lied. Their collaboration started at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp where they were trained as a professional Liedduo by teachers Jozef De Beenhouwer and Lucienne Van Deyck.

Their debut took place in 2020 on the stage of Opera Ballet Flanders - Antwerp as part of Antwerp Liedfest 'Next Generation'.

In 2021 the duo performed a recital at the Ghent Festival of Flanders, where they were also invited to perform several recitals at their brand new event "Whispering Leaves".

Business Inquiries:

"Pianist Simon De Paepe and soprano Fleur Strijbos graduated not so long ago, but have the finesse that Lied requires. Fine nuances in piano and voice that feed each other. Beautiful finishing of word and sound, the discipline alone could hardly leave anyone unmoved."

Knoposkaya, Liedfest Antwerpen, Source: (translated)