Fleur Strijbos, soprano | Babette Craens, pianist

Credits: vzw SWUK Vl., Filip Geudens & Studio 27


Soprano Fleur Strijbos is truly passionate about Liederkunst. She first came in touch with it with her teacher and mentor Anne Cambier at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, who from the very first singing lessons kept searching for the best musical interpretation coming from your own soul. During her years at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, Fleur joined the Lieder class with teachers Lucienne Van Deyck and Jozef De Beenhouwer, where she obtained her final degree 'Summa cum laude'. She completed her studies in Salzburg with soprano Barbara Bonney who is famous for her many Liederalbums. 

In November 2020, she performed a Lied recital together with pianist Simon De Paepe on the stage of the Antwerp Opera as part of Antwerp Liedfest 'Next Generation'. In April 2021 she was selected as 'Young talent' of Gent Festival Flanders which supported her career with a 'Lied recital' during the festival in September 2021.

Since 2022 Fleur forms a liedduo with pianist Babette Craens, with whom she has also been admitted to the Udo Reinemann Masterclasses Lied Duo 2022-2023.



Belgian soprano Fleur Strijbos and Belgian pianist Babette Craens are truly passionate about Lied. They met during their studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp where they both enjoyed the expertise of teachers Lucienne Van Deyck and Jozef De Beenhouwer in the Lieder Class and coachings by Aäron Wajnberg. Thanks to their deep musical and personal connection, Fleur and Babette decided to form a Liedduo in 2022.

Fleur and Babette are selected for the Udo Reinemann Masterclasses Liedduo 2022-2023, and are selected for several upcoming national and international competitions. They are also holding concerts both in Belgium and abroad. In January 2023, they will give their debut concert at Liedfest Antwerp.

Their love for poetry and lyrical melodies makes them find each other in all facets of the Lied repertoire. They love to make the repertoire their own and thus be able to transport the audience into their own world.